What can we tell you about the Good Letter Press, hmm… well, perhaps that we’re positively, certifiably crazy about creating extraordinary design!

We get all out of breath with excitement when we get the opportunity to take dreams and turn them into beyond-what-was-expected reality.

At the helm of our design team is a world-renowned fine artist with a wealth of talent and a laser-sharp eye for design.  He has so many years of experience in the creative industry, he should be 140 years old!

The Good Letter Press headquarters is always a hive of activity.  A lot like Santa’s workshop, but instead of dollies and toy trucks, we manufacture astounding special event stationery and accompaniments.

You will never find us good gentlemen here, posing in a pretty pristine studio twirling our waxed moustaches.  We are way too busy creating that gorgeous wedding invite or that majestic menu or place-card for your grand soiree.  We sternly believe the glamour should be all yours.

We have our own equipment too, so nothing gets farmed out, therefore our world class product will not cost you a cent more than it should, as many of our clients abroad will attest to.  And our down-to-earth attitude will make you feel at ease from the very first hello to the final WOW!

P.S. International clients are MORE than welcome, we have created and dispatched any number of wedding invitation suites all over the globe!  Please feel free to ask us how the process works.